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    Frequent Questions

    What is the difference between analog and IP cameras?

    Closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras are traditional analog systems that use a DVR to record video. They’re reliable, relatively inexpensive, and easy to install. However, they offer additional versatility, high resolution, and higher security than IP cameras.

    How long can a record be saved in the system?

    Several factors come into play: how many cameras are in the system, at what framerate (FPS) the video is being recorded, and what size hard drive the DVR/NVR has. Our preconfigured systems usually provide several weeks of the archive when set to motion detect mode.

    What components will I need for this CCTV system?

    You’ll need the actual IP cameras, an NVR, or another storage system for an IP surveillance system. Additional parts will be optional. At VIRA CCTV, we can help determine your needs and set you up with the best equipment for your budget.

    Can several users view the same site at once?

    Most Internet-enabled Security DVR/NVR systems allow multiple users to view the same site simultaneously. However, as more people look at the same cameras/DVR/NVR simultaneously, the bandwidth will be shared between them. This reduces the image quality.

    Can I use my existing cameras?

    Yes. You can use your existing CCTV cameras. We offer a hybrid NVR allowing you to use Analog and Digital Cameras.

    Can I view live and recorded video remotely?

    Yes. All of our Security DVR/NVR systems are Internet enabled. That means you can view live and recorded videos anywhere via the Internet.

    What’s the difference between wired and wireless security cameras?

    Wireless cameras communicate over Wi-Fi, whereas wired cameras use wires to transmit their footage. Wireless cameras can be powered by AC power (such as a standard household outlet) or batteries. When powered by batteries, a wireless camera becomes a wire-free camera.

    How many different systems can be connected, on pc or mobile app?

    More than 20 NVR systems can be connected simultaneously (same manufacturer NVR).

    What do POE cameras stand for?

    Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a way to power cameras with an Ethernet cord, giving direct camera network access. Along with providing stable network connections, PoE makes installation easier by only requiring one cable.

    Do I need to log in and erase records once a month?

    It all depends on the settings. By factory settings, NVR can save up to one month of recorded information, depending on the size of the HDD. The latest models record in a loop and automatically overrate the oldest records. No user interruption is needed to delete the records.

    How long does the installation take?

    It all depends on the number of cameras and many other parameters. During the visit, a company representative will evaluate the situation and provide the estimated work duration.

    How long is the warranty, and can it extend it?

    One-year warranty covering the work and all the installed parts. If you want to service or warranty extensions, please discuss this with our representative.

    How many cameras can be installed on one NVR or DVR system?

    The best practice to get minimum at “4 Channel 4MP NVR” will typically have enough availability to run four 4MP cameras at high quality, whereas an “8 Channel 4MP NVR” will work with twice as many. Also, most NVRs will still have several ports on the back for use with Power-over-Ethernet cameras.

    Do security cameras record all the time?

    Most security camera systems can record non-stop, on a schedule, or in motion. The best is usually to record on motion. You don’t need a separate motion detector because the camera or the DVR has a piece of built-in ready-to-use equipment.

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