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How to Create a Smart Home Security System with a CCTV Camera

Connected appliances and devices, including security cameras, have become ubiquitous in our homes because of smart home tech.

With home security systems, you can keep tabs on package deliveries, make sure the kids get home safely, and check in on your house while you’re away. You can still keep tabs on your home when you’re away even if you don’t want to install a complete smart home security system. To make your home more secure, here are some tips on how to get the most out of your devices.

Keep your cameras visible

Don’t try to hide your outdoor security cameras unless you’re trying to catch someone doing something specific — such as breaking into your car. Burglars avoid homes where they might be caught when choosing a target because of security cameras

Keeping your front door protected is not enough

You will need to take into account the layout of your home when choosing the right location for your home security cameras. Nevertheless, there are some key areas you should pay particular attention to.


Visitors and deliveries come and go through your front door. In addition to monitoring your entryway for intruders, keep an eye on other things, like how your delivery driver handles your packages.


Your home should also be covered in less obvious places. It’s common for intruders to gain entry through the back door since it’s more likely to be left unlocked (lock your back door!), but ground-floor windows on the sides or rear of your home are also attractive options. Make sure you have a second pair of eyes watching these vulnerable places as well

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