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Industrial CCTV Installation

One of the ways to protect your business from employee theft or possible disaster is by using video surveillance.

Using an industrial camera system over a regular CCTV camera system in your business is a smart choice in deterring  any form of crime from being committed.

In order to ensure that your security needs are met, VIRACCTV would not only suggest the right industrial camera monitoring system for your project, but would also provide in-depth project assessment, and work with your budget. We handle it from planning, implementation, up to the completion stage, read this blog post.



We have a team of qualified professionals with expertise in industrial CCTV camera systems, who are adept at explaining the complex technical concepts and processes to you in a clear and simple manner.

VIRACCTV has extensive experience in the security systems industry, and has operated in Toronto and GTA for more than 15 years.

We understand that running an industrial facility can be overwhelming, and we are charged to make sure your day to day experiences are seamless with our state-of-the-art equipment.

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Benefits Of Industrial Security Camera System

  • Prevents thefts

One of the effective methods to prevent theft in a workplace is to install visible security cameras around the industrial facility. Employees that consider attempting any illegal actions will be deterred from their path by the fear of getting caught by the all-seeing lens.  Deters unlawful access

Having security cameras installed on your industrial facility with security decals will deter trespassers from attempting to gain unlawful access to the facility, because they know their activities are being recorded.

  • Promotes good conduct

The presence of industrial security camera system in workplace may help in creating discipline among the employees.

Strategically installed security cameras can prevent employees from engaging in illegal activities since they won’t be able to defend themselves against the video evidence.

  • Protects employees

Installing security cameras in a workplace does not only prevent theft but also protects employees from all sorts of physical assault, violence, and harassment.

Furthermore, security cameras can protect them against any sort of accusations that may come from other colleagues or customers.

  • Enforcing safety policies

Many times employees may directly violate the company safety policies on compulsory use of safety gears such as safety boots, hand gloves, safety helmets, safety glasses, respirators and so on while in production line. Having industrial CCTV system installed across the production lines will ensure compliance and also enforce the safety policies.

  • Monitoring high-risk areas

Installing surveillance cameras in high-risk areas of the industrial facility can be beneficial. The cameras will reduce the potential risks because emergency measures can be applied immediately.

  • Identifies potential hazards

Industrial security cameras installed in the factory can help in monitoring the work processes in production lines.

Changes in conditions of the machines can also be tracked and potential problems can be alerted.

  • Assists in investigations

Security camera system has always been helpful during investigations. The use of industrial camera system in your facility can provide vital information during accident investigations. Whenever an accident occurs, CCTV footage will provide insight into whatever transpired during the event and thereby will assist in finding a solution.



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