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Office Camera Installation

Offices, both big and small, need to keep up with the ever-changing digital world. You need a camera setup for office that will allow you to monitor your premises 24/7. You can’t afford to let intruders into your company – or worse, not know they’re there until it’s too late. With office camera installation, you can keep your building and employees safe by installing a camera system today.



Types of Office Security Camera

There are different types of office surveillance camera systems, and they all help protect your business and employees. These cameras are great for remote monitoring. You can view your office from anywhere in the world at any time.

Analog system

The most common type is the Analog system. It makes use of a coaxial cable to transmit video signals from one or more cameras to a security monitor or VCR. This kind of setup works well if you’re looking for long-range, high-resolution images.

IP-based system

Another type of camera is the IP-based system. It uses video encoders connected to multiple cameras for live viewing and recording via your Local Area Network (LAN) or the internet.

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Where to Place Them

There are many different locations to place surveillance cameras in your business. You should place them at the entrances of your business, office garages, loading docks, storage locations and hallways. This way, they will cover every active area on the facility , which criminals are more likely to target.

How They Work

Once you have installed your cameras, there are two different ways for them to work.

  • The first – viewing live images of what’s happening in your business via a monitor or security DVR system. This requires you to have an internet connection, power supply and monitors set up at all places where you want to view the cameras’ footage.
  • The second – recording the video 24/7. So that every incident is being recorded on video. You can watch the footage later or use it as evidence in court against someone who has broken the law.


CCTV Camera Installation By VIRACCTV

Overall, office CCTV camera installation is a necessary tool in protecting your business and employees. Our expert team at cVIRACCTV an help you with just that. We provide office security camera installation services in and around Toronto and Ontario.

Our company is well-recognized. We have many satisfied customers throughout Toronto. We offer various types of installation services , including wired and wireless security systems, indoor and outdoor CCTV, Hybrid NVR, etc.

When it comes to office CCTV installation, repair or upgrade, we ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Above all, the services we provide come at budgeted costs. So, if you’re from Toronto/GTA area and looking for office camera installation services, look us up!

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