Pot Light Installation

Pot lights are lighting fixtures with unique body shapes installed into the surface by a mortise method.
One of the advantages of pot lights is the versatility of their use. Installing can lights can serve as both the primary lighting source and a source of supplemental lighting.

If we talk about led pot lights installation, there are several advantages:

  • Economy. LEDs pot lights absorb half as much electricity as conventional fluorescent lamps and eight times less than incandescent lamps.
  • No flicker. Recessed LED pot lights provide even, calm lighting.
  • Long service life. There is no need to change as often as conventional lamps.
  • Glow quality. Most pot lights can replicate the comfort of natural light. And also have options for choosing a glow.

What to pay attention to when installing pot light?

  • The purpose of the room. There must be a specific casing for the pot light. Building regulations govern the installation of pot lights on insulated ceilings in Canada. Pot lights must adhere to fire safety regulations and bear the IC rating and AT markings for air tightness.
  • Wiring pot lights. The choice of cable cross-section and wiring installation is crucial when installing recessed lights in a finished ceiling.
  • Pot light`s size. For example, if you want to highlight the working area in the kitchen or lighted mirrors, you should not choose the largest size.


  • Order 30-50 Pot Lights
  • 5 Pot Lights Free
  • 1 dimmer free
From $79 Contact Us


  • Order 70-80 Pot Lights
  • 10 Pot Lights
  • 2 dimmer free
From $65 Contact Us


  • Order 85-100 Pot Lights
  • 15 Pot Lights
  • 3 dimmer free
From $60 Contact Us

*Please note, the prices listed in this section are our base price.

More Tips For Installing Pot Light

  • Trim colors. Finishing can fit into the design and emphasize it. But it can also do the opposite. The choice-making ability from a diverse palette is the key to a harmonious space.
  • Dimming. You can choose 3K – 4K – 5K lights color. Each room or interior item needs to adapt lighting depending on the time of day or the function. Possibility of dimmable and day/night smart switches make it easy to create comfort and coziness.
  • Safety. If you do not want to worry, make the right choice of a luminaire for fire safety and airtightness, cable, and other things, it is better to turn to professionals. Professionals certified by the ESRA and the Electrical Safety Authority are reliable.
  • Warranty and Service.
  •  Pot light installation cost. The choice of the most expensive does not always justify it. For each case, an individual approach is better.

Interior Lighting Offers:

  • Pot lights start from $70 (Minimum 10) – More points, less price!
  • 3K – 4K – 5K lights color dimmable.
  • Trim colors for your selection.
  • Day/night smart switch.
  • All rooms and Chandeliers / Fans / Vanity lights / Kitchen under cabinet lights / Lighted mirrors
  • Certified workers, lamps/labor warranty.
Together, we will consider your unique preferences, and you will receive the most practical solution offer! Preliminary consultation is free!
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