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Residential CCTV Installation

If you’re searching for a company that offers residential security cameras installation in and around Greater Toronto Area, benefit from our services today.

We, at VIRACCTV, have been operating in GTA and Ontario for quite some time now. Our services take into account anything and everything related to the installation of security systems and servicing of same.


VIRACCTV: CCTV Residential Installation Near Me

We excel at offering to our customers closed-circuit video systems, motion detectors, home invasion alarms, security cameras, and domestic CCTV installation. For our customer’s convenience, we provide general consultations on home as well as business security systems.

VIRACCTV is a company that is recognized by many customers in Ontario. They are already quite well familiarized with all benefits and positive results of our work. Our expertise lies in installing, upgrading, as well as repairing security camera systems.

We hire only the most knowledgeable and well-qualified technicians. Staff members are experts when it comes to residential CCTV installations.

They also keep in mind the updates on all the latest developments in surveillance cameras.

The Need to Professionally Install Your Security Cameras

There are many factors that may determine how you wish your CCTVs to be fitted or, more important, who do you trust enough for the job. So based on your level of comfort and the equipment type, you may even choose to install the system by yourself.

So, yes! You may go ahead and install it on your own. But why not simplify the task and hire us to do all the hard work for you!

We will make sure that not even a bird crosses your property without you knowing.

Free Consultation

Reasons to Choose Our Domestic CCTV Installers

VIRACCTV offers are among the most efficient services in the Ontario and Toronto area when it comes to residential security camera installation. We are specialists who focus on fitting security systems in the most affordable, effective and fast manner.

The systems we offer are capable of integrating over four HD CCTV cameras for maximum security. So, you can rest assured that nothing’s going to pass by your property without you noticing it.

The technicians at VIRACCTV are always ready to help customers in choosing closed-circuit television equipment that best suits their security needs. Surveillance cameras are among the most efficient tools to prevent and avoid all types of threats.

With us in charge of installing CCTVs for you, there’ll be no chances of vandalism, robbery or theft.

Our Services In A Gist

Remote Monitoring

In case you’re planning to take a trip for a while, leave it to our residential security systems to protect your property while you’re away.

At the same time, you’ll be able to monitor all activities in and around your house through a remote desk or a phone.

Effective Surveillance

In order to boost the working of the motion detectors, we, at VIRACCTV, carefully design our systems for better Hide Zone visualizations. In this way, there are no areas that can escape from the prowling eyes of our CCTV security systems.

At the same time, the systems will notify you of any event and record every movement of it.


Residential Camera Installation Services

We offer various types of fitting services:

  • Hybrid NVR: This particular type offers installation of the latest IP cameras along with the existing Analog equipment.
  • P2P Transmitter Receiver Installation
  • Installation of Wired & Wireless Cameras
  • Upgrades to IP system from Analog

Residential CCTV Installation Cost

In Ontario and Toronto, we offer the most reputed and efficient services at a bargain price. Security cameras are budgeted and come with a low price tag.

So if you’re in search of cost-effective contractors who deal with residential camera installation, come right down to VIRACCTV.

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