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Security Camera Installation

VIRACCTV was founded more than 15 years ago and has extensive experience in the security systems industry, operating in Toronto and GTA. Our company provides operations for both homeowners and businesses. Our technicians also provide a comprehensive service in regards to reliability, technology, and assistance to consumers.

During the development and the implementation of CCTV security systems, we maintain constant contact with all the related parties since teamwork yields the greatest outcomes. We guarantee to be present for our customers throughout the fitting process, installation, and after-sales service.


Did you know that the crime rate decreased by 13% in Ontario in the past three years? Security cameras played a integral role in this. Well, these figures indicate that the Greater Toronto Area has a low crime rate, and if you are a resident of either Toronto or GTA, it should be a matter of concern to you. By taking adequate precautionary steps, you can prevent yourself from the dangers and worries of someone breaking into your house or stealing your car from the garage. One such way to ensure safety is to have a security camera installation in your place and for that, you need to choose a good security camera installation company.

According to studies, security cameras, smart or not, have been shown to prevent crime populists from conducting thefts effectively. Hence, security cameras are a viable alternative if you’re worried about a burglary in your community or want to safeguard your house as much as possible.

If you are on the lookout for professional security camera installation services, then we are here to introduce you to one of the best, VIRACCTV.

Security Camera System Installers

There are two types of services provided by VIRACCTV: residential and commercial. Both of the security camera installation services offer excellent features and are not very expensive. Every project, as per VIRACCTV, must be properly and completely studied. After thorough configuration and evaluation, our highly experienced electricians are prepared to give consumers an estimated work plan and labor cost. The majority of our specialist’s services are low cost but highly reliable. Security camera installation cost starts at $900.

Residential Service

For residential services, we provide the required equipment to ensure safety of your house. You can view your property from everywhere with the help of the remote visibility features. Moreover, we also provide our consumers with a wide spectrum of cameras and control panels to choose from, based on their preferences.

In addition, the detection areas are customized for you to receive warning notifications whenever a motion is detected. Moreover, along with the regular services, you can introduce some of your personally preferred features or additional hardware. This helps customize your security experience and gives you peace of mind.

Commercial Services

Compared to residential services, commercial security camera setup is a far more meticulous and detail-oriented. You will be quickly to know if strange faces, persons or vehicles approach your property, thanks to sophisticated AI motion detection technology. Each camera may be configured for flawless Human/Vehicle motion detection or sophisticated Face Recognition. Nevertheless, all channels will still have a broad motion detection.

VIRACCTV is just as concerned about the safety of your company as you are. As a result, we strive to be something more than local security camera installers. Rather, we endeavor to stay up to date on the latest advances in internal and external CCTV technology, to better select and accommodate the video security system to the needs of your company.

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Types of Security Cameras

There are two kinds of commercial security cameras available for installation: indoor and outdoor.

CCTV security system cameras are further classified into additional subtypes, namely:

  1. Bullet Camera – bullet models have a long shaped design. These are commonly employed in outdoor settings where long-range vision is required. Bullet cameras can, however, be used in places like the garden or storerooms. To operate propertly, though, they should be kept in climate-controlled cages.
  2. C-Mount Camera – in cases where focusing is the main objective, C-mount camera has interchangeable lenses and may , therefore, use various varifocal optics. The camera can record from a distance of up to 35 feet.
  3. Wireless Camera-  the use of the wireless kind is widespread and prevalent nowdays . It may be able to meet all of your company’s security requirements.
  4. Day/Night Camera: For monitoring systems that run 24/7, day/night cameras are a requirement.
  5. HD CCTV Camera: High-resolution and HD-resolution recordings are possible with HD models. The camera has a zooming capability that does not impair image quality and can capture even the finest details.

When surveillance is concerned, various advanced security system cameras may be used to enhance your surveillance system’s protection. The CCTV should be chosen based on the requirements and the characteristics most appropriate for the situation in question.


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