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The best way to protect your property

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The best way to protect your property. 

Our current reality pushes us to take preventive operations to protect our privacy from potential rubbers or strangers from the street. One of these operations is 24/7 video cam recording. Intelligent design and correct installation of the cameras could not stop the “professional” robbery but definitely will help in the investigation. 

Intelligently installed CCTV cameras in the proper location on your house will deter strangers from engaging in suspicious activities related to your privacy on your property. 

VIRACCTV offers an extensive line of security systems and could find a great solution to your place and on your budget. Please use the links below to discover more.

Local Barrie police are asking for private camera registration, and the Ontario government has already taken some action. 

“Ontario will spend millions of dollars on a grant program allowing police forces to expand CCTV coverage.

A total of $6 million will be made available over three years.

Grants will cover 50 percent of the costs associated with buying and installing the closed-circuit television cameras and supplies” source.

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